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Following a recent acquisition, Bioline has ceased to be part of the Syngenta Group.
Accordingly, this website and associated mobile app have no approval or connection with the Syngenta Group of companies.
Bioline has recently become part of the InVivo group and is now embarking on exciting new times. There will be no disruption to normal business but we are taking this opportunity to redesign our website, which will be launched very soon.
We are also be launching the brand-new Bioline App. The app is currently awaiting approval in the app store but it will be available within the next few days. In the meantime, scroll down for a preview of what will be offer.

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Technical Support

Expert Technical Support…
…at your fingertips!

  • Product Recommendations
    You tell us about your situation: we will tell you which products you need and how best to use them
  • Side Effects
    Make sure your Chemicals and Beneficials are working together
  • Product Pages
    Helpful product information so that you can make the most of your Bioline products
  • Pest Pages
    Find information on common pests and their symptoms
  • ICM Programs
    ICM Programs are being developed to help you plan your pest management throughout the season

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Results when you need them…
…even offline!

The Bioline App will provide much of the same information as our old website but it will also include a range of new features to help support all of your technical needs.
Bioline App: Technical support in your hand
  • Consolidates more than 20 years of Bioline’s experience in Integrated Crop Management
  • Offers a range of features to support you and your crop
  • Ensures you will never be more than one tap away from expert technical support

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How to use the Bioline App

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Contact Bioline

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